Rum för två kvinnliga studenter


Campus & Teleborg

Typ av boende



3600 kr/mån


My wife and I would like to rent the upper floor of our house to two female students. It consists of two bedrooms, one big TV-room and a bathroom. All the rooms are furnished. Bedroom 1 is approximately 11 square meters (including wardrobe) and the rent is 3600 Swedish kronor/month. Bedroom 2 is approximately 14 square meters and it has a big balcony, the rent of this room is 3900 Swedish kronor/month. The TV-room is approximately 30 Square meters. In this room, there is a sofa, a kitchen tables with four chairs, two refrigerators, a microwave oven, water boiler etc. You two will share the TV-room and the bathroom in the upper floor. The kitchen is on the ground floor and you will share it with us. Electricity, water, heating and internet are included in the rent. One of our three daughters is living with us in the most of the time, the two others has moved out but they visit us from time to time.