Teacher of the year appointed

Now that summer is here, it's time to hand out the Linnaeus Union's most glorious and prestigious award, the Teacher of the Year! This prize is awarded to a teacher on each campus, and is based on your nominations and motivations.

Teacher of the year is a prime example of student influence where the students get a chance to pay tribute to those who deserve it a little extra. The nomination gave great joy to the teachers who were nominated and won!

Teacher of the year in Växjö is Mats Trondman

Teacher of the year in Kalmar is Cecilia Holmqvist

Below are some of the students' nominations:

Mats Trondman

“He is nice, good at teaching, responsive and discusses well with his students. Every thought and question is met with enthusiasm and acknowledged by Mats, and all his lectures feel rewarding. ”

"Mats possesses boundless amounts of knowledge about his subject and life in general. A reliable, friendly man with a genuine interest in his students and teaching. The whole class wishes he could teach all our courses. We are glad that he did not retire before we had the chance to be lectured by him. "

Cecilia Holmqvist

“Very pedagogical. Wants you to succeed and shows it by always being there if you need help or do not understand something. ”

“She spends so much time with her students and does everything to explain physics in an understandable way. She is not afraid to change previous teachers' approaches to make it easier for students. She's the best teacher I've had. ”

We congratulate them both!

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