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On this page we will collect all the information we have at our disposal regarding how you as a student at LNU are affected by the outbreak of the Corona virus (covid-19). 

Remember that there might be differences in what’s happening in your home country and what’s going on where you are in Sweden. To avoid unnecessary rumour spreading, be sure to get your information from secure sources such as government agencies and reputable media, for ex The Public Health Agency, The goverment , The Local, and 1177

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It has come to our attention that international students experience problems contacting 1177, as well as the local health clinics. The contact may seem complicated but please do not give up! The campus health is currently closed, instead contact health clinic Teleborg using this procedure:

When using a Swedish number dial 0470-586770, international +46 470 586770. A Swedish speaker voice says a few things. Wait for the speaker voice to say “For information in English press 8”. This takes a about 1 minute into the call. Follow the instructions. Do NOT press ”3”, instead hold and press ”#” if you don’t have a swedish personal number. 

Before booking or going to an appointment at the Health clinic, read this:…/what-to-do-if-you-need-medical-help/

The Health clinic also refers to the National Health guide for guidance on COVID-19 and other illnesses. However, it is not so easy to navigate on the site as a non-Swedish speaker. 1177 is also a phone number. When not calling from a Swedish number, dial +46 771 11 77 00.

It has come to our attention that international students experience problems contacting Swedish health care, such as 1177, but also medical health clinics. The contact may seem complicated but please do not give up!
Linnaeus University has arranged with Region Kalmar that international students may turn to Stensö hälsocentral and Kvarnholmens hälsocentral. Should these two clinics both be fully booked you will be referred to the medical clinic of the week, see below.
Region Kalmar uses the system of “medical clinic of the week”: those not registered to a clinic (and cannot go to the ones mentioned above) will be referred to the clinic of the week.
This system is used when all medical clinics have a high inflow of patients. However, the main recommendation is to contact the National Health guide at 1177 from where you will be guided to the medical clinic available. When calling from an international number, dial +46 771 11 77 00.
If needed to contact a medical clinic by yourself, note that when calling from a Swedish number, dial 0480-XXXXXX, international +46 480 XXXXXX. A Swedish speaker voice says a few things. Do not hang up, instead wait until you hear the speaker voice saying, “For information in English press X”. This takes about 30 seconds into the call. Follow the instructions given.
Get tested for Covid-19
The medical clinic you are referred to will evaluate your condition and arrange testing if needed.

If you have tested positive for covid-19, you are obligated to inform your teacher whether you have had close contact with anyone else at the university during the last 24 hours before you first started showing symptoms. The university must collect certain information to get a good basis for decisions concerning whether we (temporarily or more long-term) need to change our study forms, alternatively, in an extraordinary situation, shut down.  

Corona info in LNU's website: 

LNU at facebook: 

Växjö: Due to the new stricter guidelines for the Region of Kronoberg, the reception will be closed. We in the staff usually work from home. For us, however, it is important that students have somewhere to turn and you are welcome to contact us by phone, email or via our social media. If you need to pick up a welcome pack or visit us in another case, contact us in advance.

Kalmar: I och med de nya skrärpa riktlinjerna för Kalmar län kommer expeditionen att vara stängd. Vi i personalen i regel jobbar hemifrån. För oss är det dock viktigt att studenter har någonstans att vända sig och ni är välkomna att kontakta oss per telefon, mejl eller via våra sociala medier.

Please have a look at our page about distance studying  

Sivans and Slottsstallarna are currently closed. For current info from the pubs, see their Facebook pages: 



Information regarding pub nights in Kalmar will be posted on our "Ongoing" page.

Med anledning av de lokala råden för Region Kronoberg och Region Kalmar har vi bestämt att ställa in medlemskaffet på båda orterna tills vidare. Vi avråder vi från alla former av sociala sammankomster så som fester, sittningar, fysiska möten och andra event som innebär att man träffas flera samtidigt. 

No decision yet if the welcome fairs will be held. If any of our events are cancelled it will be communicated on our Facebook pages Växjö and Kalmar.

Examples of measures taken by the housing companies are not to deal with faults in the apartments if the person living there is cold or ill. In that case they only handle emergency matters. They also encourage residents to avoid visiting their offices if possible. 

For detailed info, contact your landlord: 





SBS Studentbostäder i Sverige 

CSN kommer att betalas ut som vanligt så länge som universitetets verksamhet fortskrider. Vid de fall där undervisningen sker via digitala läroformer kommer universitetet att meddela ändringarna till CSN och man kommer fortfarande att få utbetalda lån och bidrag som innan. Se info från CSN i denna länk 

Keep up to date on what your insurance includes.

The Student Welfare office (at the university, not to be mixed up with a medical centre) offer counselling to students, free of charge. Read more at:

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