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Rabatthäftet Linnéhäftet

Course Literature Grant

As a member of Linnékåren you have the possibility of applying for our 500 SEK literature grant. It has been given out every month since January 2014 and it is supposed to finance course literature purchases. 

  • The grant is awarded all months except July. The grant is awarded once a month to a different member each time. 
  • Only members of Linnékåren are eligible for this grant.   
  • Members apply by writing maximum 50 words on why they should win. Motivations consisting of more than 50 words are disqualifying.  
  • The application is only valid for the month when it has been sent.   
  • The winner will be contacted by Linnékåren and will be presented with name, picture and motivation at Linnékårens’s Instagram. 
  • A member can only get the grant once per annual year. 
  • The grant must be used to buy course literature.  

Dedication Grant

The receiver of the grant has exhibited extraordinary commitment that has contributed to the improvement of the educational and/or study social environment at Linnaeus University. 

  • The grant may be awarded to students at Linnaeus University who are also members of Linnékåren. The grant cannot be awarded to student organisations or associations. Organisationer och föreningar kan inte nomineras. 
  • In order to nominate someone, you suggest a stipend holder along with a nomination by e-mail to the president of Linnéstudenterna..
  • The committee consists of the current student union board.  
  • Important factors for the grant committee to look into are achieved results and what impact these have had on (how many) students. The written motivation in combination with the nomination are the main sources of information considered in the assessment process.   
  • The grant sum is equal to the number of members of Linnékåren at the end of the last autumn term.