Linnaeus Union is a LGBTQ-qualified organization 

Information about Hitract and Student ID

As of the fall semester 2022, the Linnaeus Union membership card is available in Hitract. However, you cannot use Hitract as a Student ID for national discounts, for example on travel. You can obtain a Student ID regardless of possible union membership by applying directly to STUK, which is the recommendation of the Linnaeus Union. Other players in the market are Mecenat and WeStudents. You can have one or more Student IDs and take advantage of the discounts and offers linked to the service.

The Linnaeus Union apologizes to those of you who have experienced problems in connection with the transition of the membership card.

If you have questions about Hitract and membership in Linnaeus Union, contact us via

If you have questions about Student ID, contact the discount provider directly.

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