Interview with Linus Svensson, our new Head Student Safety Representative

Hi there Linus Svensson! You’re the new HSSO… What’s that and who are you?
I’m a 25 years old master student in sociology and a part-time board member of the Linnaeus Union. HSSO is short for huvudstuderandeskyddsombud (eng. head student safety representative) which means that I lead and coordinate the other student safety representatives. We get students’ feedback on problems, things that could work better or that cause stress in the study environment so we can inform the Student Union. It allows us to discuss these matters with the university, for example in the working environment committee or at the faculties.

What makes you do it?
I want studies at LNU to be of high quality, even in times or Covid-19. It’s important to find out what’s not working, doesn’t feel quite right or that stresses people. We have to look beyond current regulations and restrictions to improve the study environment. Besides, all businesses and sectors try to improve their working conditions, so experience of physical, social and organizational work matters will be useful in any future workplace and therefore also useful in the cv.

Should others get involved?
Anyone interested should try to find out more! I think you need to be committed and motivated to change things, especially at the moment, and if you are, we’ve got the means and ways to help. You’ll need to be fluent in Swedish to work with these matters, in order to understand Swedish regulations and internal documents, but there’s information at where you’ll also find my contact information. I’ll be happy to answer questions by phone or e-mail! finns mer info om rollen som SSO och där finns också mina kontaktuppgifter. Jag besvarar gärna frågor på telefon och mejl!

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