Linnaeus union opinion on classroom exam

As the only student union at Linnaeus University we work so that every student and for their rights. Especially during Corona we work to make sure that your opinions are brought forward. The university is currently working at 90-95% with distance studies and the last precent is to a large extent covered by classrooms examinations. We at the union want to show where we stand and what we bring up during our meetings with the university.

Linnaeus University should look over the necessity of the classroom examinations that will take place in January and should in all cases carefully consider if other examination forms are possible. If a classroom examination must happen the union believes that:
- The University should strive towards only having 8 people in one room.
- The distance between the benches must be at least 2 meters.
- The university should use different classrooms and buildings to make sure that a distance can be held.
- In the case of a classroom examination there should be extra opportunities for a re-examination relatively close to the actual examination date. So that students that have to stay home because they are following current recommendations is not just referred to the normal re-examination occasion.
- During on-site moments the university should provide masks and gloves for those who wish to use them
The student union is critical to the necessity of the amount of classroom examinations to such an extent as it is now and wants the university to implement a risk analysis when a decision regarding a classroom examination takes place.
We want to know that we hear you and take your opinions into our work. Get in touch with us if you have any questions and opinions you want us to discuss.

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