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Welcome to Linnaeus University and we even hope to welcome you as a new member of the Student Union!

As a new student, there is a lot to keep track of. The Linnaeus Unions most important task is to represent the students at Linnaeus University and to make their studies and study time as good as possible. DDo need guidance on how to find a student accommodation or about the different student associations and activities? Maybe you would like to know what your new city has to offer? A good way to get started in Växjö is by applying to the - welcome package. Read more about what Kalmar has to offer here.

As a member you can get access to several discounts and benefits with theapp Studentkortet (STUK). Read more about the membership here.

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Lnu's information for new students

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With the new plan for the reopening of society that FHM (Public Health Agency) together with the government presented a couple of weeks ago, the university has decided to return to campus teaching this fall.

This means that we also plan for an introduction of new students. This will be done with some restrictions just like last year but it feels incredible to finally be able to welcome both new and old students back to our campuses. 

During the introduction weeks, you get to know your new classmates as well as your new university city and have a lot of fun! Many students describe the intro as one of the best times during their entire study period!

It is the educational associations together with the student union that is responsible for the introduction weeks. You will be contacted by the association linked to your program before the start of the semester.

If you don't get contacted you can find contact information for the associations here.

On the page Ongoing you can find information about the activities arranged by the student union.   

Linnékåren organizes a wide range of associations which are open to all students. Maybe you will even find an association that matches your interests?

Read more about the different associations here.

There are many different ways of getting involved in the student life of Linnaeus University. You might get involved in a student association or even become a student representative.

Here you can read more about getting involved.

Two times a year we organize a welcome fair in Växjö and once a year we organize it in Kalmar. The purpose is for the students to get to know the student life, their student city and what companies, associations and authorities have to offer. In the beginning of the spring semester we arrange the fair only in Växjö.

The fairs are very popular both with the exhibitors and the students. Usually we have about 3000-5000 students visiting, new students as well as current ones. The number of exhibitors is about 45 in Kalmar and 70-90 in Växjö.

The fair in Växjö takes place October 7th, at 10-15

The fair in Kalmar takes place October 14th, at 10-15

More about the fairs will be posted on the page Ongoing closed to the start of the semester. 

There are rights and responsibilities you are expected to know about, follow and use. You should pay particular attention to rules concerning cheating and plagiarism! Discuss them with your teacher or contact us if you have questions or if you need advise and support.

Read more about your rights here.

We summarized the information on where to find a student accommodation on the page Housing guide & links.

There you can even find Linnaeus Union's Housing Agency where private landlords rent out their apartments, rooms and houses.

Get to know your new city!


Students in Kalmar - Information from Växjö municipality

Public Transport Kronoberg

Welcome Package for new students - welcome package



Students in Kalmar - Information from Kalmar municipality

Public Transport Kalmar

It is important to have a home insurance even for your student appartment!

Genom vårt samarbete samarbete med försäkringsbolaget Hedvig får du som har eller skaffar hemförsäkring mellan 16 juni 2021 – 16 januari 2022 ditt kårmedlemskap för endast 1 kr!

Read more about Hedvig Read more

The offer is valid for two semesters. You need to have a swedish personal number to take part of the offer.

Read more about home insurances and compare prices on hemförsä (only in swedish).

In both cities there are facebook pages targeted at all students as well as specifically for international students. Here you can get information about everything related to the student life.


Växjö Campus

Future flatmates Växjö


LNU student Kalmar

Housing in Kalmar Linnaeus University

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Linnéuniversitetet Köp- och sälj (Buy and sell site)

Freemovers at Linnaeus University, Sweden

Welcome greetings

Unfortunately, the pandemic cancelled our popular welcome fairs where you as a new or old student can discover your student city. Instead, this year we have let companies, authorities, associations, the university and student associations record films where they explain what they have to offer and how you as a student can take advantage of offers or get involved. 



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