what does the union do?

The Linnaeus Union represents everyone at Linnaeus University and works to make their studies and study time as good as possible. As a student union, we are the students' voice both in the university administration and in society. Anyone can turn to us if they need advice and support or have been treated unfairly by the institution.  

To our members, we also work actively with membership benefits such as discounts, events, membership activities, business contacts and housing issues. Our members are the workforce of the future, and we give them a good start! 

Student politics
Our student policy permeates all our work.
How is the union governed?
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Statutes and values
Here you will find our statutes and additional documents.
Here you will find our statutes and additional documents.
Here you can find our contact information.

The work of the union

HBTQI Accreditation

It is of great importance to us that both students and other visitors feel welcome and respected regardless of their gender identity and expression. Since 2019, the Linnaeus Union has been an HBTQI-accredited workplace. To become accredited, we have undergone several training sessions provided by Regions in collaboration. The training is mandatory for the staff members of the organization, while the board participates as time permits.

During the fiscal year 2022/2023, we offered support to HBTQI students who wished to start an association in Växjö. Since May 2023, LnuGBTQ has been a significant meeting place for HBTQI students. Currently, there is no student association for HBTQI students in Kalmar (if you want to start one, you can contact Studiesocial Kalmar), instead many gather at RFSL Kalmar county's queer hangout.

In connection with the follow-up conducted in autumn 2023, we have developed an action plan. It includes several measures, such as printing pronouns on our about page and in our email signatures. We have added information to our staff handbook about our accreditation and what it means for the organization. We have ensured alignment with our nominating committee that we are accredited and what future applicants to the union board should be aware of. We are also reviewing the choices that buddies and newbies can make in application for the Buddy program

A question that we feel particularly passionate about is to get Linnaeus University to engage more in Pride, and more specifically in the Pride parades in Kalmar and Växjö. In recent years, the university has not been as visible there, and even though they hold lectures on the theme of HBTQI during Pride week, we believe it is not enough.

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