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Record hight voter turnout - View the new board

There was a drastic increase in the turnout in the election for the fiscal year 22/23. 880 of the members of Linnekåren voted, which is equivalent to 21%. It should be compared to last year's 16% and only 9% five years ago. 

- The fact that we once again set a record in voting turnout shows that we have committed members who really want to influence and make a change. It makes a big difference and I am sure that the newly elected board will use the trust it has received to work for a better study time for all students, says Anton Jakobsson, current president of the Linnaeus Union.

Here you can see the new board that will be presented at the members' meeting on May 31:


Ludvig Malmquist

Beyond his educational background in sociology and peace- & development studies, Ludvig has a broad history of engagement within several of Växjö’s student associations and other organisations.

He has a range of ideas and plans for potential projects that he’d want to launch if possible, in the role as president.

Student Life Responsible Växjö


This position is vacant which means that this position may be filled at the next members meeting. Read more about the position and how to apply here!

Student Life Responsible Kalmar

Isak Sörmander

A biology student, Isak has also sat in the board for the association CNaS earlier which have helped his knowledge and insight how an organisation such as the Linnaeus Union works.

He has also since the last members meeting sat in this position, and feels that there’s much left that he wants to continue to work with in the role with various projects and ideas.

Responsible for Educational Matters Växjö

Eric Ask Josefsson

Eric is a teacher student, and has been involved in the student life in the educational association Pedal and different nations which gives him good knowledge of how an organisation such as the Linnaeus Union works as well as educational matters.

He wants you work for the students and develop the relationship between the university and the student union.

Responsible for Educational Matters Kalmar

Bryan Wahlgren

Bryan has studied interaction design and has other than that also sat in the board of the association SPIIK.

Within the association Bryan held the position as study-social and educational responsible which gives him good experience with educational matters that deems him fitting for the position. During his time, Bryan also has had good contact with the Linnaeus Union with matters related towards educational quality.

Part-timer Växjö

Andreas Johansson

Andreas has had this position since the Linnaeus Union’s 2nd members meeting, Andreas showed a good and clear knowledge of the Linnaeus Union’s structure and ideas during the interview. Further from his education and background from the educational association of CHAMPS as a education-responsible, he has also shown an openness, engagement and participation in study-social as well as educational matters and activities.

Xuan Dong

Xuan is a foreign student from China, Xuan has almost completed her first year at the master programme of International Affairs. During her study time at LNU to date, Xuan has also shown typed of mediation roles by asking her fellow programme students what they think about the educational quality and where the education should be held. As personal strengths Xuan mentioned patience, enthusiasm for learning new things, co-operation and communication, which all are good traits for this position.

Rida Naeem

Rida is a foreign student from Pakistan that studies bioenergy technology focus on sustainable development on a master’s level. Beyond her studies, Rida has good knowledge in leader management and experience in team works from earlier work- and internship places. Rida is interested in both educational and study-social questions and has ambition that all students should have a good time at the university.

Part-timer Kalmar

Sebastian Gustafsson-Persson

Sebastian was elected as a part-timer at the student union’s 1st members meeting and showed good knowledge about the Linnaeus Unions organisation, ideas and other aspects he wants to engage in during the interview. As president of the student association Karolin, he also has good knowledge from his association, but also an further reach to the students as well as other associations in Kalmar.

Golzar Daneshzad

Beyond her study background within the area of economics, Golzar also showed a good and developed front during her interview. She had a large focus on problem-solving orientation and student influence as important aspects during a student’s education and time at the university. Through her studies, Golzar also has a perspective from both Batchelor- and Master-level education that can help broaden perspectives as well as a possible improved connection to PhD-level aspects as well.


This position is vacant which means that this position may be filled at the next members meeting. Read more about the position and how to apply here!

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