Student Safety Representative

The student safety representative represents the student body in matters related to the physical and psychosocial study environment, for example by bringing attention to problems, attending safety inspections and participating in improving the study environment together with the university's own safety representatives.

These are the current student safety representatives (Fall semester 2020)

Faculty Location Name E-mail Phone number
FTK – Fakulteten för teknik Kalmar Richard Birgander 0730560384
FTK – Fakulteten för teknik Växjö Simon Thörnblad 0730560384
FSV – Fakulteten för samhällsvetenskap Växjö Malin Eir Rigollet 0761680873
FKH – Fakulteten för konst och humaniora Vacant
FHL – Fakulteten för hälso- och livsvetenskap Vacant
FEH – Ekonomihögskolan Vacant
NLU – Nämnden för lärarutbildning Vacant
Bild på radioaktiva preparat med skyddstejp runt


A student safety representatives is elected by the Student Union. It is a positions of trust, where you work under professional secrecy, but you are not responsible for the working or study environment. That responsibility instead lies on the prefect. Our goal is for there to be at least on student safety representative at each faculty in Växjö and Kalmar.   

During our information session you'll find out more about the role, with a focus on what the position means, how the university works with improving the study and working environment and how problems and concerns should be reported. Please note that at the moment our information sessions are unfortunately only given in Swedish.

You don't need any particular prerequisites apart from reasonable fluency in Swedish and being able to spend a few hours per month working with study environment issues. 

We might be able to offer more in-depth courses in the future for participants who want to know more. 

When, where and how?

Information about the date, time and place for upcoming information sessions and a form for signing up can be found at