Rooms at farm close to Campus Växjö


Övriga Växjö

Type of housing

Shared accomodation




Just 5 km from Växjö city centre the farm Hagalund is located. It combines the closeness with the city centre facilities and the LnU campus, with a beautiful and typical Swedish countryside surrounding. It’s an active farm, focusing on suckle cows. In a separate apartment on the second floor of the house there are three rooms for rent. The apartment has the charm of a typical Swedish house from the last century, even if both kitchen and bathroom are newly renovated. Two rooms are now available for the spring semester period. The rent for the slightly bigger one, with its own balcony, is 3.500 sek/month. Whereas the slightly smaller one has a monthly fee of 3.000 sek. You will share the apartment, including bathroom, kitchen and living room, with Dimana. She studies Design + Change at the LnU in her second semester. The rooms are furnished, and the kitchen fully equipped. For foreign students, bed linen and bicycle loans are included in the rent. There is also the possibility to rent one more room if family or friends want to visit. Usually, the students use a short cut that takes 15 minutes by bike to Campus. Otherwise, the main road to campus is about 8 km. And the distance to the nearest bus stop from the farm is a bit less than 3 km.