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Important information in your role as a PhD student.

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  • PhD Newsletter – Sent once or twice a year to all PhD students at LNU to inform about news, updates and events of interest to PhD students. Let us know if you are not getting it!  
  • Das Papier – Our brief information posted inside all toilets on campus. Or read it here sitting anywhere you want 🙂 
  • We also send a monthly newsletter to all members of the Linnaeus Union with the most up-to-date information about what is happening, upcoming events, member benefits etc. Just become a member to get it.   

There is a lot of information on our Support and advice page, but you should also read the university’s Student rights and responsibilities.

At each department (institution in Swedish) the Head of department is responsible for the work/study environment for students as well as for staff. If you have concerns about your physical or psychosocial study environment you should contact the Head of department, the safety representative, the student safety representative or the Student Union.

All forms of harassment and discrimination should be reported to the university. Please see the university´s page for details or contact our Student and PhD ombudsmen for how to proceed.

Most of what is written under “Course evaluations and getting involved” will apply to you as a PhD student, but there are some exceptions…



Cheating and plaiarism is not taken lightly, and it is your responsibility to know the rules. Some of these rules might be new to you of differ from those in other countries. Please make sure that you understand and follow them! If you have any questions related to cheating, plagiarism, academic writing or referencing, please discuss them with your supervisor or with us.  

As a student you can turn to the university’s Student Welfare Office for support and professional counselling free of charge, online or in person. 

They offer free courses on mindfulness, yoga, and other health related things, as well as welfare officers you can talk to about stress and things related to your mental health.

Som student

Som anställd

Som internationell doktorand



Faculty-specific information

Each faculty have their own PhD page. Find them listed here.

Reseach support

The University Library offers support to researchers and doctoral students in matters regarding scholarly publishing, bibliometrics, research data, information searching for systematic reviews, and reference management. They also organise seminars, lectures, and workshops within the field of scholarly communication. Find out more!

PhD Handbook

SFS (Swedish National Union of Students) has  an online PhD handbook called PhD Handbook – A Comprehensive Guide for Doctoral Studies in Sweden that we think is very useful, especially for international PhD students. Get it at the SFS website or directly at PhD Handbook

A world-class doctoral education

SFS also describe their views of what A world-class doctoral education should be, and it is well worth reading.

Finish on Time

Åsa Burman’s The Doctoral Student Handbook: Master Effectiveness. Reduce Stress. Finish on Time costs 250 SEK. The title pretty much lets you know what it is about. It´s also available in Swedish as Bli klar i tid och må bra på vägen : handbok för doktorander. Get it at our office in Kalmar och Växjö. 

Responsible for Educational Matters

Do you have concerns about educational quality, how courses are run, the progression of a programme, or experience poor processes, systems or administrative routines? Contact our board members responsible for Educational Matters to voice your opinion and help us change them once and for all! 

Our board members responsible for Educational Matters primarily work with general quality matters by keeping an eye on and influencing decisions at departmental, faculty and university board level, course and programme syllabi, quality evaluations, local rules, regulations and policy matters.

Student and PhD ombudsmen

Contact our ombudsmen if you have questions about your rights or feel poorly treated by teachers of staff. They will answer your questions and give support and advise concerning your rights and responsibilities  as a student or PhD student.

Common questions include student rights and responsibilities, exams, grading procedures, schedules and problematic interactions with teachers. The ombudsmen can also assist in cases involving disciplinary matters, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment. They can be contacted anonymously, handle cases in confidentiality and will only discuss a case with others with your approval.