Linnaeus Union is a LGBTQ-qualified organization 

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On hitract you will find Linnaeus unions membership, communication, events & event tickets. In addition, you can also connect with other students at Linnaeus university and other schools around the country. 


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On Hitract you can:

Become friends with other students

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Everything you need during your study time!

  • Find and connect with students from Linnaeus University and from other universities
  • Find course buddies on campus and see/give ratings to all your current and upcoming courses
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Find all Linnaeus union's events and activities

  • Become member in/follow Linnaeus Union to keep up with all our latest member communication, events and activities
  • Find events from other student associations and buy event tickets in the app
  • Buy merch and other products directly on Hitract!
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Your dream employer finds you

  • On Hitract there are also employers who are there to connect with you based on what you’re studying, your passions and interests
  • Employers find you on Hitract instead of you finding them. So just be yourself, do your thing and everything will be alright!

How can I find Linnaeus union on Hitract?

  1. Download hitract app and create an account

      2. Find our hitClub by searching for "Linnékåren"

     3. Become a member in Linnaeus union

Do you have any questions?

Contact Hitract directly on or at @hitract on Instagram eller @hitract på Instagram.