Linnaeus Union is a LGBTQ-qualified organization 

Get involved

Participating in the Linnaeus Union and student life can transform your time at university into an unforgettable and valuable experience. Here are a few reasons why you should get involved:

  • Personal Development: Develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills through various roles and activities.
  • Networking: Build lifelong friendships and professional contacts through social and professional events.
  • Influence Your Education: Gain a voice in decision-making processes and contribute to improvements in your study environment and education.
  • Social activities: Participate in parties, sports, cultural, and creative events for a balanced and enjoyable study period.
  • Merit and CV Boost: Strengthen your CV with experiences that demonstrate initiative and commitment.
  • Community: Contribute to a stronger and more inclusive student community.


Get involved in the Linnaeus Union and make your study period even more meaningful and enjoyable!

Buddy program
All students at Linnaeus University are welcome to become buddies.
Within EUniWell, there is a wide range of mobility opportunities available for students.
Student Representative
Do you want to become a student representative or a student safety representative?
Student-associations Kalmar
Under the Linnaeus Union, there is a wide range of associations open to all students.
Student-associations Växjö
Under the Linnaeus Union, there is a wide range of associations open to all students.

Engagement - international focus

Engaging at Linnaeus University with an international focus opens doors to unique opportunities. By participating in international student associations and activities, you can develop global networks, improve your language skills, and gain valuable intercultural experiences.

You can also contribute to creating a more inclusive and diverse campus environment. Your engagement strengthens your CV and prepares you for an international career. Make your study time even more enriching by participating in international activities at Linnaeus University!

Engagement - student associations

Engaging in student associations at Linnaeus University is a fantastic way to enrich your study experience. By participating, you can develop new skills, improve your leadership, communication, and organizational abilities. You also have the opportunity to create valuable connections and friendships with other students, which can be invaluable both during and after your study period.

Through your engagement, you can contribute to improvements in education and the study environment, making your and your fellow students' time at the university even better. Additionally, you get to enjoy fun activities such as parties, sports events, and cultural events, providing a balanced and enjoyable study period.

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