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As a member, you support our work with educational matters and student life. The more members we have, the stronger we get, and we can influence and improve the students' situation.

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The Linnaeus Union has a collaboration with the social student platform Hitract with the goal that you should have access to everything related to your study time in one app. In the app, you can communicate with classmates, find associations you want to get involved in, book tickets to parties and other events, and network with future employers. The app also holds our membership. You easily apply to become a member by applying to our "HitClub" Linnaeus Union. Download the app today!

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Each week the Växjö pubs accept a number of guest entrances. That means that a member can bring a non-member guest. Check out their websites to learn more. 

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Contact us via mail, phone, facebook, or fill in the form. We will reply as soon as possible.
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