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The Linnaeus Union is not only a source of support for students at Linnaeus University, but we also offer a range of benefits to make your student life easier.

Housing Agency
We know that finding housing can be one of the biggest challenges as a student. That's why we have our own housing portal where you can find available student apartments and rooms.

Job Ad Portal
Are you looking for a part-time job or an internship? On our job ad portal, we gather the latest job offers from companies looking for students.

As a member of the Linnaeus Union, you have the opportunity to apply for our own scholarships. These scholarships are designed to reward and support active and engaged students.

In addition to our own scholarships, we also gather information about scholarships from other sources. Here you will find a variety of scholarship opportunities that you can apply for, all to help ease your financial situation during your studies.

For you as a student

Find housing

Are you looking for accommodation? Check out our housing portal where you can find the latest ads for available student apartments and rooms.

Find jobs

Are you looking for a part-time job or an internship? Our job ad portal is filled with current job offers.

The Linnaeus Union's scholarship

Are you an active and engaged student? The Linnaeus Union offers scholarships to reward and support you specifically.

Find scholarships

Explore different scholarship opportunities and find the one that best suits you.
Housing info - Växjö
To find accommodation in Växjö, there are several housing agencies and various options available for students.
Housing info - Kalmar
In Kalmar, there are various options for student accommodation available through several housing companies.

För dig som vill annonsera

Advertise housing

Advertise your available housing or room with us and reach students actively seeking accommodation.

Advertise jobs

Reach engaged students seeking developmental job opportunities.

Advertise scholarships

Support students by advertising your scholarship programs with us.

Advertise with Linnaeus Union – Your pathway to engaged students

Welcome to the Linnaeus Union's ad portal! Here you can directly reach out to students who are active and engaged, providing you with a unique opportunity to find the right audience for your ads.

Housing Agency
Are you looking to reach students searching for accommodation? Our housing portal is the perfect place to advertise available student apartments and rooms. By being visible here, you can reach students who are in urgent need of housing and actively seeking new accommodation options.

Job Ad Portal
Is your company looking for talented employees or interns? On our job ad portal, you can publish job offers and internship positions directly targeted towards students. Our members are always on the lookout for developmental job opportunities alongside their studies.

Do you want to support students through scholarships? Advertise your scholarship programs with us and reach a wide group of students interested in seeking financial support. We gather both our own and external scholarships, providing you with a platform where your ad is guaranteed to reach the right audience.

By advertising with the Linnaeus Union, you not only gain access to a large group of potential tenants, employees, or scholarship recipients - you also contribute to strengthening the student life at Linnaeus University. 

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