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The ad is completely free and is visible for 3 months.  

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Linnaeus Union housing agency is provided by the Linnaeus Student Union as a free service to mediate first- and second-hand contracts on housing for students at Linnaeus University. The service is aimed at individuals. If you want to rent out an accomodation through the service shall guarantee that the accomodation is in good condition, that the description is correct and that pictures shows the object and nothing else. The rent should be reasonable.

Linnaeus Union reviews the ad before it is published and reserves the right to refuse publication. Linnaeus Union also reserves the right to remove already published ads. When your property is rented out, you should get in touch with the housing agency and communicate this.

If you have questions, you can contact Linnaeus Union housing agency at +4610 330 30 09 or These terms may be updated and changed without notice. The service will always be provided free of charge for providers and students.

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