The Linnaeus Union, the student union at Linnaeus University, plays a central role in ensuring and improving the quality of education for its members. Their work on educational issues is extensive and multifaceted, and includes several key areas.

The Linnaeus Union acts as a bridge between students and the university administration. They represent the students' interests in various decision-making and advisory bodies within the university.

The Linnaeus Union also offers direct support and advice to students who have questions or problems related to their studies. This can include help with understanding educational regulations, support in connection with conflicts or complaints, and guidance on how to influence their education. The Linnaeus Union serves as an important resource to help students navigate their studies and make the most of their time at the university.

The Linnaeus Union also collaborates with other student unions and organizations at the national level. By being part of larger networks, they can exchange experiences and share best practices from other institutions, which further strengthens their work on educational issues at Linnaeus University.

Through these efforts, the Linnaeus Union continuously works to create a better and more student-centered educational environment, where every student has the opportunity to succeed and develop in the best possible way.

Advice and support
Keep track of your rights and responsibilities
Cheating and plagiarism
It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules regarding cheating and plagiarism.
Teacher of the year
Teachers play a crucial role in students' education
Actually, not all PhD students see themselves as students, but you are!

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