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Teacher of the year

Nominating someone for Linnaeus union's prestigious award as Teacher of the Year is a fantastic way to recognize and appreciate the educators who make a real difference in students' lives. Teacher of the Year is not just an award but also a way to celebrate and highlight educators who have gone above and beyond to create an engaging and educational environment.

Teachers play a crucial role in students' education and development. Nominating someone for this award provides an opportunity to reflect on the teachers who have had a special impact on your own educational experience. It could be someone who inspires through their passion for the subject, creates an inclusive classroom environment, or supports students in ways that exceed expectations.

Linnaeus union's Teacher of the Year award is not only a recognition of an individual but also emphasizes the importance of good pedagogy and education. By participating in the nomination process, you contribute to creating a culture where excellence and commitment to teaching are rewarded.

So, take the time to reflect on the teachers who have made a difference in your life and write a nomination that captures the essence of their significance. By participating in this process, you contribute to creating a community where teachers feel valued and inspired to continue their crucial work in shaping future generations.

Teacher of the year 2023
Tobias Rödlund "Tobbe is a teacher and mentor who truly has a passion for making lessons both educational and enjoyable. He sees everyone in the class and pays attention, asking and providing support if he notices that someone is having a bad day or the like. He always helps with any problems, whether they are big or small, personal or related to school. He ensures that everyone is seen and heard, contributing to a delightful atmosphere and a humorous tone. He takes pleasure in seeing us endure a bit when he tells us to run another lap, but he also reciprocates." "Tobias is a teacher who establishes relaxed relationships with each student. You can discuss serious topics with him, knowing that he supports you, but you can also be casual and joke with him. He always wants the best for us and for us to become the best police officers when we complete our education. You can always turn to him regardless of when; he is calm and pedagogical in his teaching and is meticulous. Simply put, he deserves this." Per Nilsson "Per is an extremely attentive teacher who tailors courses to the students' needs and genuinely shows that he cares about their success. He is pedagogical, experienced, and his lectures are interactive and interesting. He seamlessly combines knowledge from various goals and literature with his own experiences." "With his motto 'everyone should come along' and the clarity that should permeate all parts of the course, Per sparks interest and curiosity in his subject. With good pedagogy, prompt feedback, and guidance, he provides his students with a solid and growing foundation to face the technical challenges in their upcoming careers." 
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Teacher of the year 2022
Mats Trondman "He is friendly, adept at teaching, attentive, and engages in meaningful discussions with his students. Every thought and question is met with enthusiasm and affirmation by Mats, and all of his lectures feel rewarding." "Mats possesses boundless amounts of knowledge about his subject and life in general. A reliable, kind individual with a genuine interest in his students and teaching. The entire class wishes he could teach all our courses. We are glad he didn't retire before we had the chance to be taught by him." Cecilia Holmqvist "Highly pedagogical. Wants you to succeed and demonstrates it by always being available if you need help or don't understand something." "She invests an incredible amount of time in her students and does everything to explain physics in an understandable way. She is not afraid to modify previous teachers' approaches to simplify things for the students. She is the best teacher I've had."
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Teacher of the year 2021
Emma Ricknell "She is a fantastic educator and the teacher who has maintained high standards and incredible clarity in all the courses I've had with her." "A teacher who enables the student to achieve their best possible potential, and several should follow in her footsteps, encompassing all aspects such as lectures, seminars, and learning as a whole." "Simply an outstanding teacher. World-class!" Arvid Pohl "With an engaging and knowledgeable way of teaching astronomical concepts, he has sparked my interest in Astronomy so much that I've acquired my own telescope to observe stars and planets." "He possesses extensive knowledge of a complex subject while explaining something difficult in a pedagogical and understandable manner. Arvid is always equally engaged in all lectures and provides that little extra that makes the lessons extremely enjoyable and interesting. Beyond a burning passion evident in his lectures, he is always cheerful, clear in his reasoning, helpful, and meticulous in ensuring that all students have a chance to understand the subject."
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Teacher of the year 2020
Tobias Andersson-Gidlund "Tobias has demonstrated a very strong pedagogical ability, consistently shown great dedication, and invested an enormous amount of time and energy in teaching. He continuously strives to improve the program and its quality. Furthermore, Tobias has explained how the course content relates to and is relevant in the professional world. No other teacher has done something similar. Throughout my three years, Tobbe has been a real gem! He has taken significant responsibility both as the program director and as a teacher in many courses. When he explains things and brings in examples, he always exceeds expectations. For instance, during a programming course, he explained relationships between classes using well-developed Star Wars examples. Tobbe is truly an incredible teacher for everyone studying at FTK and its IT program! Lars Fonseca Lasse is a very skilled and dedicated teacher who genuinely wants the students to succeed. I haven't learned as much in any other course as I did in his. He was really good at teaching and simultaneously challenged us in the classroom to help us grow. Additionally, he was always helpful with questions and quick to respond. Despite the transition to online learning, he managed the course incredibly well. He has been incredibly understanding when things have been challenging and has kept the course running smoothly even with the difficulties of distance learning. Lasse is skilled, highly pedagogical, simply a fantastic teacher!"
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