Support and Advice

If you experience problems, you should primarily discuss them with your examiner or course convener. If that doesn’t help, or there are reasons for not doing so, you should turn to your programme coordinator or your prefect instead. In some cases it might also be a good idea to contact your study counsellor, the Office of Student Affairs or the Student Welfare Office .

If the problems relate to educational quality matters in general and concern many students in your course or programme, you should contact one of our board members responsible for Educational Matters in Växjö or Kalmar.

If you’ve been treated poorly, are unsure about the rules, need help with complaints or support and advice in disciplinary matters you should contact our Student and PhD ombudsmen.

Johan håller tal

Educational Matters

Do you have concerns about educational quality, how courses are run, the progression of a programme, or experience poor processes, systems or administrative routines? Contact our board members responsible for Educational Matters to voice your opinion and help us change them once and for all! 

Our board members responsible for Educational Matters primarily work with general quality matters by keeping an eye on and influencing decisions at departmental, faculty and university board level, course and programme syllabi, quality evaluations, local rules, regulations and policy matters.

Axel Lundén

Head of Education Kalmar

Louise Ahlström

Head of Education Växjö

Student and PhD ombudsmen

Contact our ombudsmen if you have questions about your rights or feel poorly treated by teachers of staff. They will answer your questions and give support and advise concerning your rights and responsibilities  as a student or PhD student.

Common questions include student rights and responsibilities, exams, grading procedures, schedules and problematic interactions with teachers. The ombudsmen can also assist in cases involving disciplinary matters, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment. They can be contacted anonymously, handle cases in confidentiality and will only discuss a case with others with your approval.  

Nicholad Pagden

Student- & Doktorandombud Växjö

Kinka Barvestad

Student- & Doktorandombud Kalmar