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Andra stipendium & priser

Here are other scholarships not held by Linnékåren that you as a student may apply for. Additionally, there are prizes that you may nominate yourself or someone else for. 

The Riksdag essay competition

Are you a student and would you like the chance to win the Riksdag essay competition? To enter, you need to write an essay on a subject of your choice, but with a clear connection to the Riksdag. Two winners are selected every year. The prize is composed of a diploma, a gift, an award ceremony and a seminar in the Riksdag based on the themes of the essays. Among others, the Speaker and members of the Riksdag with a connection to the subject of the essay will participate in the ceremony. The essay competition is open to students at bachelor’s or master’s level. Read more about the competition, examples of essay subjects and how to use freely available data from the Riksdag on the Riksdag website.
Last day to apply: 2024-08-31

Krea Grant - to support entrepreneurship

Did you start a business during your time at university? Apply until latest 31 May 2024 to get a chance to win the Krea Grant of 10 000 Sek.
Last day to apply: 31 May 2024

International Management Trainee at The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands 2024-2025

One year trainee position at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for The Netherlands
Last day to apply: 31 Mars 2024