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Housing guide & links

Welcome to Kalmar!

Do you need housing? We have put together a guide on how to find accommodation, what rules apply, and what is worth thinking of. Below, you can read more about Kalmarhem's housing guarantee, as well as information about other housing companies and landlords.


As a student at Linnaeus University you have access to our very own housing portal where private landlords rent out rooms, apartments or even houses. Contact each landlord for more information.

If you can't find anything through the housing portal go back to the Housing guide above that informs about queueing systems, registration with different landlords etc.

Start early and be persistent!

Start planning your stay in terms of your future accommodation as soon as you have decided to study at Linnaeus University. Don't think that it will be solved last minute. Every semester there are students that choose not to begin studies here due to lack of affordable housing, and students that find themselves paying rent way over their budgets. You need to be active during your search - searching for accommodation takes time! Many of the housing companies have no or very little information in English but do not let this limit you. 

Student housing

The biggest landlord in student housing in Kalmar is Kalmarhem, 

To register on their site you need to have gotten your Notification of selection results. You also need to meet a few requirements. Read more here.

There are other landlords that have student housing in Kalmar. You can contact them via declaration of interest, e-mail, or phone. At the moment we recommend the following landlord as an alternative to Kalmarhem.

Regular housing

Of course, there are also other housing options that don't demand that you are a student. Below, we provide a link to several different options in Kalmar. It is worth noting that these landlords often require proof of income or similar documents. 

Subletting, furnished apartments and more  

Linnaeus Union has a housing agency that is available to all students. There, you can find private landlords renting out rooms, apartments, houses. No registration necessary, you contact the person renting out directly via e-mail or phone.  

We can recommend you to have a look at the different Facebook groups. You can find the links below. 

We can also suggest various Facebook groups for apartment rentals. Like Blocket, members advertise vacant apartments, rooms, and subletting in these groups. There are also many people who post about looking for housing there, especially at the beginning of the autumn semester. You can find some of the groups below.

Short term housing

If you find yourself in a situation where you need a roof over your head quickly or perhaps need somewhere to stay before finding permanent housing, we have some alternatives we can recommend.

It is important to consider safety, cost, and location (proximity to campus and bus connections) in the search for short-term housing. It is also important to be prepared that the accommodation may not be the most comfortable or luxurious, but it can be a necessary solution to get a roof over your head for a short period of time. 

Things to keep in mind

Determine your rental budget and make sure it is realistic for your finances. Also, consider other costs that may be included, such as electricity, water, waste management, internet, and cable TV.

Contract: Read through the lease agreement carefully and make sure you understand all terms and conditions before signing it. Consider the rental period, notice period, rent increases, deposit, and responsibility for any damages.

Condition of the apartment: Inspect the apartment thoroughly before renting it and note any damages or deficiencies. Also, find out if all appliances are working properly.

Location: Consider the location and its proximity to campus, public transportation, stores, and other amenities. Also, think about the safety of the area.

Landlord: Find out who the landlord is and what their reputation is. Also, ask previous tenants about their experiences renting from the same landlord. Beware of unscrupulous landlords as fraudulent activities are increasing in Sweden!

The landlords can also assist you if you experience safety issues in your residential area, such as poor street lighting, insecurity in the stairwell or or if there are people in the area who behave strangely.

Safety: It is important to feel safe during your studies, which is why we have created a safety page with tips and things worth considering to increase your safety. Trygghetssida – Linnékåren (

Semester start: It's worth keeping track of when the semester starts for you so you can plan and know when you need housing. Semester schedules can be found on the following page. Terminstider |

Protect yourself against fraud

Be aware of fraud methods: Learn about different types of fraud methods used in apartment scams, such as fake advertisements, copied listings, overpriced apartments, or landlords requesting payments through insecure or unusual methods. The more aware you are of these methods, the better equipped you will be to avoid being deceived.

More info at the police's website

Report suspicious activities: If you believe you have encountered a case of apartment fraud or if you have been deceived, report it to local authorities or the police as soon as possible. By reporting fraud, you help protect others from becoming victims and increase the chances of apprehending the perpetrators.

More info at the police's website

Du you have questions regarding the housing situation?

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