Linnaeus Union is a LGBTQ-qualified organization 


Linnaeus Union supports a wide range of associations open to all students or to certain students depending on what they study. You should easily find an association that matches your interests. Join Linnaeus Union and a couple of associations and you have taken a big step towards a great student life! 

There are different kinds of associations:


Student pub



Lék-Stugan is the association that runs the new student pub in Kalmar. Open to members in Linnaeus Union.

Educational associations


The association for students studying optics, natural science, environmental analysis or pharmacist at the faculty for Natural sciences in Kalmar 


The association for students studying sports science, nursing, social studies or stuyding to become a doctor in Kalmar 


The association for students at the school of Business and Economics in Kalmar 


The association for students studying any of the teaching programs at Lnu in Kalmar. 


The association for students studying nautical sciences at the Kalmar Maritme Academy.


Linnaeus Kultura is for students studying Social sciences, International social sciences, Political science, Cultural heritage studies, Archeology, History, Social work, Film and Literature, Cultural sciences, Music, Arts and Languages. 


The association for students within Journalism and
Media programs, and Visual Communication + Change in Kalmar.


The association for students studying Software Technology, Web programming or Interaction designer in Kalmar. Belongs to the Faculty of Technology. 

Student associations of interest

ESN Kalmar

ESN Kalmar is the association for international and Swedish students interested in networking with each other. 


FIKS is the sports association for students in Kalmar.


KAFFE is an association for students interested in theatre, music, singing, arts etc.

Klimatstudenterna LNU

Climate students LNU is active in both Växjö and Kalmar. The purpose of the association is to support Lnu to lower their emissions.


LUSK = Linnaeus university Chess Club

The Linnaeus university Chess Club is an enthusiastic community dedicated to the game of chess.


Radio Shore is the student radio in Kalmar

Do you have questions about associations?

Stina Sjöberg (She/her)