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What is EUniWell?

EUniWell – the European University for Well-Being – is one of 50 European University Alliances, selected for funding by the European Commission under the ERASMUS+ programme in 2020. EUniWell was formed by the eleven universities of Birmingham (UK), Cologne (Germany), Florence (Italy), Inalco (France), Konstanz (Germany), Linnaeus (Sweden), Murcia (Spain), Nantes (France), Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Semmelweis (Hungary), and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine). There is also a network of associated partners from all sectors of society, for ex. the cities' municipalities.

In November 2020, EUniWell entered its three-year pilot phase during which the aim was to develop a common research and teaching agenda on well-being, following our core mission to understand, improve, measure, and rebalance the well-being of individuals, our own community, our environment and society as a whole on a regional, European, and global level.

In essence, EUniWell understands itself as a new higher education organisation under a well-being agenda.

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What does EUniWell offer?

Within EUniWell, a wide range of different mobility opportunities are available for both students and staff. A semester abroad or even a full academic year at one of the EUniWell partner universities, or maybe just a virtual workshop on a single occasion? This and everything in between is possible!

EUniWell academics are encouraged and supported to closely cooperate in teaching and research, and new technological solutions offer us better opportunities than ever before to collaborate and share knowledge virtually. All EUniWell partner universities have signed a multilateral agreement of academic mobility and exchange, which will facilitate all kinds of mobility and exchange between the different universities.

What have Linnaeus union's representative done within EUniWell?

• Participated in the bi-annual Rectors’ Assembly as one of the student delegates. For assembly, rectors and other leading representatives including student delegates from all EUniWell universities came together to collectively shape the future of the Alliance, to practice excellence and inclusion, diversity and equity as part of well-being, and to define the strategic building blocks for the European University for Well-Being and beyond, etc.

• Participated in student board in-person events such as team building at the University of Cologne in September 2022. Together with EUniWell Director of Integration Karen Buchanan, we further designed student engagement within the alliance and developed the EUniWell Student Board of the future.

• Attended the Mental Health Symposium in Budapest in October which was part of a winning EUniWell Seed Funding Project. It presented the results of a comparative analysis of mental health resources carried out across the participating Universities of Birmingham, Florence, Cologne, Leiden, Linnaeus, Nantes, and Semmelweis, offering Vice-Rectors and management representatives the opportunity for thematic input and exchange around the pressing topic of student mental health.

• In honour of representing EUniWell, I gave a short representation in an online webinar as part of the EU Week of Cities and Regions programme in October 2022. Under the topic ‘Placing Youth Well-being at the Centre of Post-Pandemic Recovery in Europe’, I gave a brief talk revolved round ‘Why and How Can We Care About Youth As the Main Point in Post-Covid-19 Recovery in Europe’.

• So proud that I got the chance as the student representative of EUniWell at Linnaeus University to ask President Zelenskyy one question digitally face-to-face on Europe Day 9th May 2023 that “How can governments make efforts to treat everyone equally, regardless of where they come from, to create a more unified Europe?”

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• Hosted the student board of EUniWell during the third annual FestiWell on April 3-4 2023 at Linnaeus University. FestiWell celebrates the cooperation between our universities by bringing together students, researchers, faculty, and staff from all EUniWell universities for a range of joint events. Close to 200 students and staff from all over the Alliance took part in the event.

• Created conditions for Linnaeus Union to decide on establishing a committee to utilize the opportunities offered by EUniWell. The committee was initiated in autumn 2023 and is led by a part-time member of Linnaeus board.

Några exempel på aktiviteter som utskottet hållit är målnings-workshop, Halloween-pyssel, och workshop i mental hälsa. 

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