For student-associations

We summarized some information for you that are involved in student-associations at Linnaeus University.

Information from the board of the Student Union

The collaboration between the Student Union and your student-association is specified in our cooperation-agreement. The agreement is updated every year and lays ground for the contact between the Student Union and the student-associations.

To ease communication between the student union and the associations, Presidents'meetings are held once per month where all associations' presidents participate. The meetings are hosted by the Socially responsibles in the student union board.

Medlemsmöten under VT22

Association documents


Request of premises booking (Smålandsgatan)

Only for student associations within the student union.
To book and use the student premises in Kalmar must:

- Contract for booking be signed with the Linnaeus Union (president, contact person and the Linnaeus Union signs)
- The responsible contact person must be present and contactable throughout the time the premises are being used.
- The contact person must have read the rules of procedure and accept the rules that apply to the student premises (Smålandsgatan).
- Be aware that unnecessary alarms and guard calls and the like are charged to the association.
- The premises on Smålandsgatan must be cleaned until 10.00 the day after the event.

In the event of mismanagement of these rules and cleaning, the association will be excluded from booking the student premises until further notice

For questions, please contact

NOTE! The premises are booked only when the booking confirmation has been received via e-mail

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