Buddy Programme

Each year about 800 students register to the Buddy program: Either as newbies or as buddies. Newbies are the new international students while the buddies are the local students who are interested in supporting a newbie.

All local students at Linnaeus university may become buddies. Are you interested in meeting students from other countries, network and to have fun? Then register to become a buddy!

During 2019/2020 the participants in the Buddy program represented more than seventy countries.

Best thing I've done

“We didn’t click to 100% but I’m still grateful for what she did for me”

"When going back to my home uni I want to become a buddy"

Wish I had known about the Buddy program at the start of my studies

Prior to beginning studies in Sweden international students tend to have many questions they prefer to ask a fellow student. 

The Buddy program is about giving an international student a better start at university. Meet for a coffee to explain what is typically Swedish. Join the student on the first visit to the food store to help avoid that the student buys sour cream instead of milk! As a buddy you get to make new friends, practise your English (or other languages). As a buddy you may develop new skills, and get new perspectives. A win-win! The info here is aimed at international students staying longer than 1 semester, and who wants to become buddies themselves. Are you a new international student on your way to Linnaeus University and want more info about the Buddy program? Use the contact form below.

How to apply

Register at https://buddyprogram.lnu.se

You receive an invite to a buddy intro (by email)

You are (hopefully) matched

Reach out to your assigned newbie!

Any questions about the Buddy program?

Contact our international Student Coordinator Karin!