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Buddy Program

The Buddy program has boosted my self-confidence!

Every year, approximately 800-900 students enroll in the Buddy program. Local students are referred to as "buddies," while new international students are termed "newbies." The Buddy program's purpose is to ensure that newbies feel welcomed and secure in their new environment.

All students are encouraged to become buddies. There's much to gain from connecting with and understanding students from different countries. Whether your goal is to work in an international company after completing your studies or to pursue a career with an NGO abroad, engaging with international students can be invaluable.

To accomplish this, international experiences are essential, and the Buddy program provides you with precisely that!

You have the opportunity to connect with international students, broaden your social circle, enhance your language proficiency, and enjoy yourself in the process! Activities like answering newcomers' inquiries, accompanying them on their first grocery shopping trip, and hitting up the student pub together exemplify the experiences you can share as a buddy.

Having someone show genuine interest in getting to know me made me feel more at ease before my trip to Sweden.

Upon completing one semester, you'll have the opportunity to receive a certificate that can be beneficial for your exchange applications or job searches.

Register now during the spring for the opportunity to become a buddy for Fall 2024. Learn more below about how the program works!

Are you done with your studies If you plan to remain in Växjö for work and want to keep engaging with international students, consider exploring the local association. Friend Family Kronoberg

Registration step-by-step (buddies)

*Register by clicking on the green button below.

2. Fill out all the info, hit "send". You may later get contacted and asked to add info to your registration. Keep an eye on the email used upon registration to the Buddy program.

*You get an invite by email to join a buddy intro on Teams. This is your opportunity ask whatever questions you have. You may also use the form at the bottom of the page.

*You get matched! Read the Buddy guide for suggestions and advice.

Registration step-by-step (newbies)

Register by clicking on the green button below. Choose city, and then "I'm a newbie".

*Fill out the info, hit "send". You may later be asked to update your info. Keep an eye on the email used upon registration.

*You get matched (hopefully). Your buddy should contact you prior to your arrival to Sweden. Ask your buddy whatever questions you may have.

Once in Kalmar or Växjö your buddy should initiate a meet-up to get to know each other!

*Have fun & learn something new!

Read more about becoming a buddy

Any questions about the Buddy program?

Contact our international Student Coordinator Karin!