Buddy Program

The Buddy program has boosted my self-confidence!

Each year about 800-900 students register to the Buddy program: As newbies or as buddies. Newbies are the new international students while the buddies are the local students interested in getting to know a newbie.

All local students at Linnaeus university may become buddies. Are you interested in meeting students from other countries, network and to have fun? Then register to become a buddy! Are you a new international student and wants to join the Buddy program? Read more below about the registration for newbies!

The Buddy program is a great experience!

Why do we Swedes take off our shoes when we go inside? Why do we love IKEA so much? Do we only eat meatballs? The Buddy Program is about giving an international student a better start and answer questions about life in Sweden. As a buddy, you make new friends, get to practise languages, and fun while doing so.

Are you done with your studies but will stay to work in Växjö, and would like to continue to meet new international students and locals? Then join Friend Family Kronoberg

Registration step-by-step (buddies)

*Register by clicking on the green button below.

*Fill out all the info, hit "send". You may later be asked to add/update your info. Keep an eye on the email used upon registration to the Buddy program.

*You get an invite by email to join a buddy intro on Teams. This is your opportunity ask whatever questions you have. receive an invite via email to a buddy introduction on Teams (held multiple times, choose ONE). This is a great opportunity to ask questions, and possibly to alter your registration.

*You get matched! Reach out to your newbie/s to get to know each other. Read the Buddy guide below for further instructions.

Registration step-by-step (newbies)

Register by clicking on the green button below. Choose city, and then "I'm a newbie".

*Fill out the info, hit "send". You may later be asked to update your registration. Keep an eye on the email used upon registration.

7. You get matched (hopefully). Your buddy should contact you prior to your arrival to Sweden. Ask your buddy whatever questions you may have.

Once in Kalmar or Växjö your buddy should initiate a meet-up to get to know each other!

*Have fun & learn something new!

Any questions about the Buddy program?

Contact our international Student Coordinator Karin!