Buddy Programme

Each year about 900 students register to the buddy program: Either as newbies or as buddies. Newbies are the new international students while the buddies are the local students who are interested in supporting a newbie.

All local students may become buddies: Swedish as well as internationals who are staying in Kalmar or Växjö longer than 1 semester. If this is your first encounter with the buddy program, read the Buddy guide to become prepared for the buddy experience! Are you a new international student going to Kalmar or Växjö? Register today! The buddy program aims at supporting new students, and broadening their network. The purpose is also to improve integration at Linnaeus University.

Best thing I've done

“We didn’t click to 100% but I’m still grateful for what she did for me”

"When going back to my home uni I want to become a buddy"

"My buddy and I have had many great conversations"

All the little things taken for granted in the everyday life are things that may seem strange or difficult for a newcomer. This is what a buddy may help with.

Buddies may explain typical Swedish behaviour or customs, perhaps help with shopping food the first time. It is not difficult to meet other internationals but finding local students is sometimes more of a challenge, at least without the buddy program!

How to apply

Register at https://buddyprogram.lnu.se

You receive a confirmation email

You are (hopefully) matched

4. Ta kontakt med din newbie (nya student)!

Do you have any questions about the buddy program?

Contact our international Student Coordinator Karin!