Sälj kurslitteratur kalmar

Do you have used student literature that just sits there on the shelf? Do you want to earn some extra money and contribute to a more sustainable student life? The Linnaeus Union will help you! Campusbokhandeln (Campus bookstore) is a retailer of used student literature – so you can be nicer to the environment and to your wallet. Linnaeus Union in Kalmar are submission agents for Campusbokhandeln so we can ship your books for you.

Do the following!

New Student
As a new student in Kalmar, you have the opportunity to explore a vibrant city with a rich student life and beautiful surroundings.
A welcome package for those new to Kalmar worth at least 1000 SEK.
On the safety page for Kalmar, you will find important information about security and contact details for support resources for students.

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