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Get in touch with someone on our board or one of our employees. For general questions, you can contact us with the information you see at the bottom of the page in the footer.

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The Board


Ludvig Malmquist
Responsible for coordinating the board's work and follow up that decisions made are implemented. Has the ultimate responsibility for the union's activities and cooperation agreements.
Noah Sörmander
Responsible for Social Matters Växjö

Arbetar i Växjö med fokus på studenters liv utanför studierna: studentliv och studentföreningar, studiesociala aktiviteter, bostadsfrågor och arbetslivsfrågo

Isak Sörmander
Responsible Social Matters Kalmar

Works in Kalmar with issues related to the student social environment, student associations and activities. Can also answer questions regarding housing in Kalmar.

Eric Ask Josefsson
Responsible for Educational Matters Växjö

Works, among other things, with education monitoring, the university's quality development & student representation. Responsible for the Treklöver cooperation. Responsible for FKH, NLU & and FEH.

Natalie Svensson
Responsible for Educational Matters Kalmar

Works, among other things, with education monitoring, the university's quality development & student representation. Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (FHL) Faculty of Social Sciences (FSV) & The Faculty of Technology (FTK)

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Part-time board members

Miriam Parkkinen
Board Representative Växjö
Xuan (Cassie) Dong
Board Representative Växjö
Matti Welin
Board Representative Växjö
Adam Jodelsohn
Board Representative Kalmar
Jacob Nilsson
Board Representative Kalmar
My Fagergren
Board Representative Kalmar
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Elin Gunnarsson

Head of operations

Karin Siöö

International Student Life Co-ordinator

Lovisa Jivhed

Marketing Co-ordinator

Nicholas Pagden

Student and PhD ombudsman

Micha Hallberg

Student and PhD ombudsman Kalmar

Kinka Barvestad

Student and PhD ombudsman Kalmar

Madelene Svensson


Tim Benda

Administrator Växjö

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