Through advertising in Linnékåren´s channels you could potentially reach about 33 000 Linnaeus University students. At our fairs and events you can make personal contact with hundreds of students. Not only are the students an important target group as today´s trend setters, they are also the high-income earners and decision makers of the future.

It is a wise strategy to build long-term relations with students, regardless if you represent a company, an authority or another kind of organization. As an non-profit organization we do not charge any deductible VAT.


Företag under välkomstmässan

Do your company want to be in the booklet? 

Contact us at or call 0704819954 to find out more!


For the fourth semester in a row, we are now making a new edition of the discount booklet Linnéhäftet. The idea of the booklet is to offer good offers for our members and a chance for them to discover what their student city has to offer. We distribute the booklet to all our existing members and to those who become members at the start of the autumn term. We have previously produced a booklet in an edition of 1500 copies and this has been much appreciated by the members.

It's completely free for companies to be included in the booklet without the only cost to you is the discount you choose to leave. Our idea is not to make money on the booklet itself, but we want to get such good offers so that we can use it in our member recruitment. The only requirement is that the offer must be unique and correspond to a 25% discount or more.


Welcome fairs

Vi arrangerar Välkomstmässan i Växjö två gånger per år, och Välkomstmässan i Kalmar en gång per år. Syftet är att studenterna ska lära känna studentlivet, sin studentstad samt det utbud som företag, föreningar och myndigheter erbjuder. 

The fairs are very popular both with the exhibitors and the students. Usually we have about 3000-5000 students visiting, new students as well as current ones. The number of exhibitors is about 45 in Kalmar and 70-90 in Växjö.

Vill ni ställa ut kommande mässa eller har ni frågor – contact or call 0704819954.

Social media collabs

Social media is one of the channels that we use the most in order to reach out to students. By advertising in social media you have the opportunity of reaching out to the target group directly in their feed, with a sender that they already are aware of.

Om det är studenter man vill nå är den här typen av annonsering oslagbar. Vi marknadsför er annons för de totalt över 8000 medlemmarna som följer våra Facebooksidor samt de ca 1700 som följer oss på instagram. Vi ger er sedan statistik för inläggen.

Cost: Advertising on Facebook costs SEK 5000 per post. That includes advertising on Instagram and SEK 500 payed marketing on both Facebook and Instagram.

Our channels

Newsletter - Analog

Do you want to be assured a high reading degree at a cheap price?

Four times a year we publish our newsletter with the witty name Das Papier. Those are posted in all the restrooms at the university in Kalmar and Växjö and are produced in both Swedish and English. In that way the newsletter reaches almost all campus students who also read it more than once!

In the PDF you can see what ad surfaces that are possible to use. It is possible to have both pictures and text and we design the ad as you like. The distribution of this kind of ad is hard to beat!

Cost:: 3000 kr

Newsletter - Digital

Once a month our members receive a newsletter by e-mail. It has an extraordinarily opening rate of about 40% (the industry average is about 20%) and reaches ca 5000 students. 

In the newsletter we can design your ad according to your wishes. It is also possible for us to custom make a mailing designed as you like it. 

Part of mailing: SEK 5000 

Custom made mailing: 10 000 kr. 

Digitalt nyhetsbrev exempel

Request for proposal

Request for sharing

In some cases, we can share on our channels without charging. This is mainly about things that we believe have a great benefit for our members or students in general. It can also be about non-profit organizations whose interests we want to support. Fill in the form with what you want us to share and we will make an assessment and get back to you. 

Do you have questions about collabs?