Linnaeus Union is a LGBTQ-qualified organization 


What we can offer

Through advertising in Linnékåren´s channels you could potentially reach about 33 000 Linnaeus University students. At our fairs and events you can make personal contact with hundreds of students. Not only are the students an important target group as today´s trend setters, they are also the high-income earners and decision makers of the future.

It is a wise strategy to build long-term relations with students, regardless if you represent a company, an authority or another kind of organization. As an non-profit organization we do not charge any deductible VAT.

Spread your message

If you want to easily reach out to several thousand students at Linnaeus University, we can offer the smoothest and most efficient way to do so! Through our member network, we can reach approximately 4000 students via email or social media. If you are interested, please read more about our social media and newsletters below!

We offer the following:

  • Instagram and Facebook - post for 5000 SEK for either Kalmar or Växjö
  • Mailing via our newsletter 4000 SEK 
  • Custom mailing via email 7500 SEK
  • Das Papier - a physical newsletter placed in every toilet at the university 3000 SEK

Message via us

Welcome fairs

We organize the Welcome Fair in Växjö twice a year, and the Welcome Fair in Kalmar once a year. The purpose is for students to get to know the student life, their student city, and the offerings provided by companies, associations, and authorities. 

The fairs are very popular both with the exhibitors and the students. Usually we have about 3000-5000 students visiting, new students as well as current ones. 

Do you want to exhibit at the upcoming fair or do you have any questions – contact or call 0704819954.

Social media

Social media is one of the channels that we use the most in order to reach out to students. By advertising in social media you have the opportunity of reaching out to the target group directly in their feed, with a sender that they already are aware of.

If the goal is to reach students, this type of marketing is unbeatable. We have the largest social media accounts apart from the university itself. In this way, it is the most convenient and effective way to communicate with the students of Linnaeus University through us.

Price: Facebook and Instagram posts 5000 SEK per location. 

Das papier!

Do you want to be assured a high reading degree at a cheap price?

Throughout the year, we publish our newsletter, aptly named Das Papier, 4 times. It is displayed in all university toilets in Växjö and Kalmar and is produced in both Swedish and English. Therefore, the newsletter reaches virtually all campus students who also read it more than once!

There is an opportunity for both image and text advertisements that we design according to your preferences, with an unbeatable distribution!

Price: 3000 SEK

Newsletter - Digital

We also send out a digital newsletter to all our members once a month. This has an unusually high open rate of over 40% (industry average is around 20%), reaching approximately 4000 students in this way. 

In the newsletter we can design your ad according to your wishes. It is also possible for us to custom make a mailing designed as you like it. 

Part of mailing: 4000 SEK 

Custom made mailing: 7500 SEK 


Be seen with us through discounts!

We can offer your company an opportunity to provide discounts to students through us, with the purpose of gaining visibility among students. 

It's completely free for companies to to create a discount with us. The only cost is the discount you provide. Discounts are an effective way for you to reach new customers. Discounts also contribute to more students discovering what the cities have to offer.

Do you want to offer a discount? Then contact our Marketing Coordinator Arlene, 


Arlene Stridh (She/her)