During the year we organize several events and other activities. Some are member exclusive and some are open to all students.

How about one of Sweden's largest student festivals, welcome fairs with thousands of visitors, the membership coffee with free coffee for you as a member and much more!


We at Linnaeus Union is a student union have the aim of creating an enjoyable and memorable time for its members. The union hosts a wide range of events throughout the year, including both social as well as events aimed at making a positive impact on the community.

Social events organized by the Linnaeus Union include sittnigns, game nights and members coffee's These events provide students with a great opportunity to socialize and make new friends in a relaxed and fun environment.

Besides that Linnaeus Union arrange welcome fairs and career fairs. These events provide students with the opportunity to connect with business life and society that is offered in Kalmar and Växjö.

Overall, the Linnaeus Union offers a wide variety of events that cater to the diverse interests of its members. Whether you are looking to socialize, learn, or make a difference in the community, there is an event for everyone at Linnaeus Union.

Event från studentföreningar

It is not only us from Linnaeus union that arrange events in Kalmar or Växjö. There are many educationassociations and interestassociations that arrange many different events that might just interest you as a student!

Studentassociation events are a great way for students to get involved and stay connected on campus. Whether you're interested in socializing, learning, or making a difference in your community, there's an event for you. From volunteer opportunities and charity drives, to guest lectures and workshops, there's always something going on.

No matter what your interests are, studentassociations events are a great way to get involved and make the most of your college experience. So, be sure to check out what the different studentassociations have planned, and get involved today!