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Safety Växjö

Welcome to the safety page for students in Växjö. If you or someone close to you needs emergency help, immediately call 112. There is an ongoing collaboration to make Campus safe. The collaborating parties are Linnaeus Union, Linnaeus University, Växjö municipality, the Police and most of the housing companies on campus. Some of the actions taken are safety walks, project funding and raising awareness of available support.


Contact with police

If you need to contact the police, you can call 112 in case of emergencies, or 114 14 for tips or to report an incident afterwards. It is also possible to report a crime afterwards. on the police's website ( It is very important to report crimes and something that is strongly encouraged by Linnaeus Union. 

Municipality and the housing companies

Växjö municipality actively works with security collaboration to create a safer environment for the residents of the city. This means that different actors, such as the police, the municipality, and civil society, collaborate to reduce crime and increase safety. If you have been a victim of a crime, you can get support and help from the municipality's support and care services. Brott och straff – Växjö kommun (

The landlords can also assist you if you experience safety issues in your residential area, such as poor street lighting, insecurity in the stairwell or or if there are people in the area who behave strangely.

Other resources

Våldsutsatt – Växjö kommun (

  • If you have been subjected to violence in your relationship, you are referred to the page here. Read more

Swedish Crime Victim Authority

  • A good page for those wondering how to proceed when reporting a crime.

Brottsofferjouren – Stöd för brottsoffer, vittnen & anhöriga

  • A national association that you can contact if you want someone to talk to when you have been a victim of crime. They have also collected stories from other crime victims. 

RFSL's support service

  • A crime victim support specifically for homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender people (LGBTQ+ people). For example, if you have been a victim of a hate crime, you can call or email RFSL's crime victim support for advice and support. 

Kvinnojouren Blenda – För ett jämställt samhälle fritt från våld

  • You can turn here if you have been victim of a crime and need help and support. You find contact information on their website.

Sweden's national women's helpline 

  • Support phone for those who are subjected to threats and violence. Relatives and friends are also welcome to call us.

Help resources on campus

Linnaeus Union works in close collaboration with the Student welfare office, which can provide advice and support if you are going through a tough time, have been the victim of a crime or feel unsafe in everyday life. Student Welfare Office |

On campus, there is We Walk Together (V.G.T), which patrols twice a week and is happy to help you get home on pub nights. They can be reached at or 073-2473838. eller 073-2473838. 

In Växjö, there is also Trygga, which is funded by the municipality and local businesses. They usually patrol and walk at night in several parts of Växjö, including Campus. 072-322 44 31 but you can also write to (  

General tips to increase safety as an individual.

  • Get to know the campus area: Take the time to explore the campus and learn where the different buildings and places are located. This can help you feel more confident and oriented on campus.
  • Always walk with a friend, especially at night.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and have the emergency number 112 easily accessible.
  • Always lock your room and apartment when you leave.
  • If you live on the ground floor, make sure to close windows when leaving the apartment. 
  • Make sure that the doors to storage rooms and stairwells are kept locked. Do not set up the door to the house, to prevent unauthorized entry. 
  • Do not lend your key to anyone else.

Do you have questions regarding safety?

Kajsa Edenborg (She/her)