Welcome Package - New in Växjö

In cooperation with Växjö municipality, the Linnaeus Union offers a welcome package to those who register themselves in Växjö. The welcome package consists of two cinema tickets a bus card and a gift card.

I samband med detta skänker vi även 100 kronor till valfri studentförening som förgyller din tillvaro vid Linnéuniversitet. Projektet syftar till att ge alla nya studenter ett smakprov på vad Växjö som stad har att erbjuda. Läs mer om vad Växjö har att erbjuda som studentstad!

How to apply

Register yourself in Växjö municipality by making a free registration report at the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). Then, you can apply for the welcome package at the application-form below. Once you have been approved, we will contact you so that you can come by our reception at Tuvanäsvägen 12 to pick up your welcome package.

Bear in mind that it can take a few weeks until you get informed about the status of you application.

NOTE! We do not accept any applications retroactively, so it is important that you make your application right after you register yourself in Växjö municipality.


In order to get the welcome package:

  • You need to be a registered citizen of Växjö municipality with an official personal number (no T-number).
  • You need to be a student at LNU
  • You need to send the application the same year that you register yourself as a citizen of Växjö municipality.
Växjö domkyrka
Foto: Alexander Hall

You'll get

Presentkort från Växjö City

Gift Card worth 500 SEK


2 Cinema Tickets

Bus Ticket worth 500 SEK



"Bear in mind that it can take a few weeks until you get informed about the status of you application."

Do you have questions about the welcome package?

Contact us via mail, phone, facebook, or fill in the form. We will reply as soon as possible.
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