Välkomstpaket växjö

In cooperation with Växjö Municipality, Linnaeus Union offers you a welcome package when you register as a resident in Växjö! If you register yourself as a resident in Växjö Municipality you receive a welcome package including a gift card to Växjö City and a travel fund to Länstrafiken Kronoberg's app.

In connection with the welcome package, we also donate 100 SEK to a student association of your choice. The project aims to give all new students an idea of what Växjö has to offer. Read more about what Växjö has to offer!

When you move to a new place, it's important to change your address and register with the local authorities in the new municipality. Making a change of address notification through the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) is free of charge. According to the Population Registration Act (1991:481), a person is obligated to register at the location where they spend their daily rest. This means that, as a student, you should register at the address where you live and study. If you have a family (spouse/partner/cohabiting partner/resident child) living in another place, you may not always need to change your registered address. However, you should not be registered with your parents once you have moved.

How to apply

Register within Växjö municipality by submitting a free change of address notification to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket). For more information, please visit Swedish tax agencies webpage Then, you can apply for the welcome package at the application-form below. Once you have been approved, we will contact you so that you can come by our reception at Pelarplatsen 8 (next to the library) to pick up your welcome package.

Please remember that it may take several weeks before you receive an email with the result of your application. The email might end up in your spam-inbox so please look there as well. If you haven't heard anything within 2 months, then please contact us. 

NOTE! We do not accept any applications retroactively, so it is important that you make your application right after you register yourself in Kalmar municipality.

Apply here!


In order to get the welcome package:

  • You need to be a registered citizen of Växjö municipality with an official personal number (no T-number).
  • You need to be a student at LNU
  • You need to send the application the same year that you register yourself as a citizen of Växjö municipality.
  • Be a registered citizen in Växjö within the current application period which currently is from 2023-11-01 to 2024-10-31

You'll get

Gift Card worth 500 SEK

500 SEK in travel fund


New Student
Växjö offers an inspiring environment for new students, with a green campus and an active student life.
Växjö's safety page provides you with tips and advice on how to stay safe and where you can get help if needed.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us via e-mail, phone, facebook, or fill in the form. We will reply as soon as possible.
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