Housing guide & links

As a student at Linnaeus University you have access to our very own housing portal where private landlords rent out rooms, apartments or even houses.

If you can't find anything through the housing portal you may have a look at our housing guides below. There you can find information about queueing systems, registration etc. Contact each landlord for more information.

Housing guide for new students

Start early and be persistent! 

Start planning your stay in terms of your future accommodation as soon as you have decided to study at Linnaeus University. Don't think that it will be solved last minute. Every semester there are students that choose not to begin studies here due to lack of affordable housing, and students that find themselves paying rent way over their budgets. You need to be active during your search - searching for accommodation takes time! Many of the housing companies have no or very little information in English but do not let this limit you. 

Register at Boplats if you study in Växjö or Kalmarhem if you study in Kalmar 


Boplats Växjö is the biggest housing company in Växjö. At Boplats there are two queues: One regular and one for student accommodation. The student queue is free of charge, the regular queue is free for 1 year. After there is a yearly fee. If you plan to stay in Växjö after completed studies, it is a good idea to remain in the regular queue. At Boplats there are apartments from the companies Växjöbostäder and Vidingehem. The apartments accessible via Boplats are not furnished, but dorm rooms generally are. Until you have received the Notification of selection results you collect points at Boplats. Each day in the queue is equivalent to 1 point. Once you have been admitted to studies use the points to apply for rooms and/or apartments. You can download your Notification of selection results at universityadmissions.se which you'll need to provide to Boplats to unlock the student housing queue. 

Since you often need very high queuing points to get an apartments by the start of the autumn term - when demand is at its highest - we also recommend you to read out tips further down. 


There is a housing guarantee for new students in Kalmar with the housing company Kalmarhem. Read more about the conditions at Kalmarhems website.  

An important first step is to register with Kalmarhem so that you can accumulate queue points and take advantage of housing offers that fall within the guarantee.  


Other options in Växjö and Kalmar 


There are several housing companies that are not connected to Boplats. You can contact them via e-mail and phone or make an application directly on their website. Those companies are: Heimstaden, SBS (Studentbostäder i Norden AB), K2A Studenthus and Stubor.


If you can't get hold of an apartment through the housing guarantee, you may contact the following (although some of them require you to have a Swedish personal identity number): RikshemAxcell Fastighetspartner Sveaviken Bostad, Mönsterås bostäder, EBA Emmaboda, Nybrobostads AB, A.R.C. and Estea.


Subletting, furnished apartments and more  

Linnaeus union has a housing agency that is available to all students. There, you can find private landlords renting out rooms, apartments, houses. No registration neccessary, you can contact the person renting out directly via e-mail or phone.  

We can recommend you to have a look at the different Facebook groups. You can find the links below. 

If you plan to bring spouse and/or children you must find accommodation it might be challenging to find a suitable accommodation. Dorm rooms which are for 1 person only, so you should aim for a bigger place. If you will study abroad with family, it is even more important that you have secured accommodation prior to your arrival. It is better to arrange it so that family members arrive once accommodation is arranged. For ex. Studies start late August, you have long term accommodation from October = your family arrives in October.



To be covered by the housing guarantee you must meet the following requirements: 

  • You need to be newly admitted to at least 30 points at Linnaeus University in Kalmar.
  • You did not study at Linnaeus University in Kalmar before. (If you have studied at Linnaeus University in Växjö the housing guarantee applies to you).
  • You need to apply actively for at least one (1) accommodation after accepting your admission-letter at universityadmissions.se. 
  • You are not a registered citizen in Kalmar municipality.
  • You need to register yourself in Kalmar municipality as soon as you receive your rental agreement.
  • Your personal identity number consists of 12 digits (no-T-number).

Remember that you need to mail your admission-letter to Kalmarhem asap as they won't receive your information automatically.

For more information see Kalmarhems website.

You can find a list with several landlords in Kalmar on this LINK.

Facebook-groups Lägenheter i Kalmar Hyr/Sälj

Facebook-groups Lägenheter i Kalmar

Facebook-groups Lägenheter i Kalmar – öppen grupp

Temporary living

A hostel or hotel might be an option if you can't find a permanent place to stay right away. You might even find someone to share a room with?

Hotell & Vandrarhem Svanen

Kalmar County

Mönsterås: Mönsterås bostäder

Emmaboda: EBA Emmaboda

Nybro: Nybrobostads AB


Make sure to sign up for as many housing queues as possible and do that at an early stage. The longer you are queueing, the easier it will be to find a place to stay!

Other landlords in Växjö

Du you have questions regarding the housing situation?

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