Hitract is the Student's new digital home

The Linnaeus Union can proudly say that we have entered into a collaboration with Hitract, the social passion platform, with the goal of bringing the student union, associations and students in Växjö and Kalmar closer together. Via Hitract, you get the opportunity to create a profile and show yourself through your interests, passions and the courses you read during your education that you are a little extra passionate about!

The student union and all student associations will have their own so-called HitClub on the platform. This works very much like a page on Facebook in that you have the opportunity to inform about your business and about the events you create. As a student, you will be able to more easily see which associations are in Växjö and Kalmar respectively and what events they organize. We hope that this will expand the opportunities for involvement during the study period and create a better flow of information about what is happening at your place of study.

Via the app, you can not only get new contacts on campus. Employers are also active on the platform in order to find students whose interests and personalities fit into their workplace. So you are more than just your CV at Hitract!

During the summer, the union's ambition is to collaborate with Hitract to improve the platform and then implement it in student life properly during the coming study year, starting before the introduction in 2022. In the app, you will be able to see your membership in the student union and in your nation. You can use this to get into the pubs Sivans and Slottstallarna in Växjö and eventually Lék-stugan in Kalmar. We encourage you to get an account right now so you do not miss anything exciting and can get a feel for the platform. We already have a few hundred users and several associations that are actively using the platform!

Read about how to download the app and becoming a member here!

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