Teacher of the year appointed

This year's teachers are now appointed in each of the cities. The winners are Tobias Andersson-Gidlund, Växjö and Lars Fonseca, Kalmar. Below are the students' motivations:


Tobias Andersson-Gidlund

Tobias has shown very good pedagogical ability, constantly shown great commitment and put an enormous amount of time and energy into teaching. He also constantly tries to improve the program and its quality. Furthermore, Tobias has also explained how the content of the courses affects and how it is relevant in working life. No other teacher has done the same.

Tobbe has been a neat gem during my three years! He has taken on a great deal of responsibility both as a program manager, but also as a teacher in many programs. When he has to explain things and take examples, he always does so much better than expected. For example, in a programming course, he explained the relationship between classes using well-developed Star Wars examples.

Tobbe is truly an incredible teacher for everyone who studies at FTK and its IT program!


Lars Fonseca

Lasse is a very skilled and committed teacher who really wants the students to succeed. I have not learned so much in any other course, as I did during his. He was really good at teaching and at the same time challenged us in the classroom so that we would develop. In addition, he was always helpful with questions and was quick to answer. Despite the distance conversion, he handled the course incredibly well.

He has been incredibly understanding when something has gone wrong and made the course roll well even though the distance learning created problems.

Lasse is skilled, very pedagogical, an absolutely fantastic teacher simply!


We say a big congratulations to Tobias and Lars!

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