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On Wednesday , the Linnaeus Cup was decided for the first time. A competition between the associations in Kalmar where the groups competed at different stations. At one of these, the new students got to test their factual knowledge in our Fake News competition. 15 union and study-related statements were made and the students had to decide whether it was true or Fake News! Here are the correct answers


”Students can appeal their grade” 

No, you can not appeal your grade. But, you can ask to see a copy of your written exam om and if you would find an error in the correction, you can have that error modified. 

”The university elects the board of the Student Union”  

No, it is the members in the Student Union that elect the board. The Student Union election is usually during the spring semester. The election involves members all over the university, both Växjö Campus and Kalmar. The university has nothing to do with it.  

“Your course schedule is supposed to be available at least one month before the course starts”  

Yes, you have the right to see your schedule no later than 30 days before the course starts. Some small changes can still occur during the course. However, during the pandemic we need to have a little bit more patience about changes, since both staff working with booking rooms for exams and teachers planning it are under a lot of pressure. 

”If you have cheated on a exam, you can be expelled”  

Yes, if a teacher suspects a student for cheating he or she has to report it to the principle. It will be investigated by the Disciplinary board. If the Disciplinary board find you guilty of cheating you can be suspended from all activity related to your studies. This can affect your economy or your residence permit beyond your education.  

”The Supervisors grade is the one reported in to Ladok”  

No, there are examples of when the supervisor has given the student an estimation of a grade, but the teacher has the graded the student very differently. This can off course be bad news for the student, but the supervisor can only give you an estimation - it´s not a guarantee for your grade.  

”The list of literature in the course syllabus can be changed during the course”  

No, the list of litterature listed in the course syllabus is decided in an really early stage. It can not be changed during the course. The course syllabus is a legal document, the information in it is the one that counts.  

”Students have the right to be represented in all decisionmaking processes at LNU”  

Yes, in all decision making and preparatory organs there are room for students to speak the mind of the students. These students has to be elected by the board of the Student Union and are called Student Representatives. The possibilities for students who doesnt speak Swedish are limited due to the Swedish law “Språklagen”. Read more about this at our website. 

”It´s your right to get your grade 1 week after finishing your exam”  

False!all forms of exams and work you have submitted for marking should be graded and communicated back to you within 15 working days. 

Ordförande Rebecca vid Fake News tävling

””The forms of examination is written in the course syllabus””

True! Yes, the course syllabus is a legal document and it should be clearified what kind of examination is planned in your course. If it only says that there will be an examination, the university can change their mind between written exam, seminars or something else. This definitely affects you as a student. en salstenta, något som i allra högsta grad påverkar dig som student.   

”I´ts only mandatory for teachers to report the grade, not to give feedback on an examination”  

No! the student has the right to get feedback on their written exam, not only to get their grade presented. Some teachers email the feedback, some teachers talks through the exam together with the class or smaller groups. Don´t be afraid to ask your teacher for feedback on your exam. återkopplingen via mail, andra har tentagenomgång i större grupper. Se till att prata med läraren om du behöver mer återkoppling. Viktigt att komma ihåg att återkoppling inte automatiskt är en diskussion.  

”The status Student Association is given by LNU”  

No!it´s the Linneaus Union who appoints students educational associations. There are agreements between every student educational associations and the Linneaus Union. Together with Student health officie the Linneaus Union educates all the “faddrar” before the introduction starts during autumn semester.  

”Students are a part of the recruiting process when hiring teachers, deans or professors”  

True! in all decision making and preparatory organs here are room for students to speak the mind of the students, recruitment processes involves decisions. Read more about this at our website. sRight now there is a recruitment process and for hiring a Dean and the president of the Linneaus Union is participating in this process.   

”You don´t have to be a student to be a member of the Student Union”  

False!Only students at LNU can be a member of the student union. This is extremely important for the legitimacy of the Student Union, when LNU has an opinion it has to be based on the opinion of the students and be in the benefit of the students..Most Students Educational Associations does not regulate who can buy their membership. så The Linneaus Union checks , the membership records towards registerd student at the university.

”If you interrupt others during a written exam, you can be forced to face the disciplinnary board”  

Yes, a student who disrupt or obstruct teaching, tests or other activities within the framework of courses and study programs at the university will be reported to the principle and investigated at the Disciplinary board. The penalty can be suspension.

”The admission uses gender quotation for Nautical science, Nurses and Retail management”  

No, when you apply to an educational program there is information of how the admission process works. Gender quotation has, for some Swedish Universities, lead to Swedish court and conviction of discrimination. However, it has also lead to changes in the Swedish law to equalize gender distribution in some professions.

”The Buddy-program is a kind of student-helps-student project for international students in Sweden”  

Yes, the Linneaus Union works with the Buddy program. It is a non-profit commitment where a student in Sweden is matched with one arriving to Sweden. A Buddy can assist “the Newbie” with picking up the keys to the apartment, meeting up at arrival or just being there as a contact in a new environment. This could be the start of a long friendship!

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