Staying healthy in times of Corona

Earlier we have given advice on how to succeed with your distance studies, and we hope they came in handy. Now that establishments and society is once again shutting down, and people are encouraged to meet only a few, we’re focusing on your health.

Sweden has the world’s highest degree of people living by themselves, so there could be lots of lonely people out there. Many are cut off from their families, siblings and/or close friends.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with the loneliness, anxiety or frustration that Corona has brought, and how the virus has changed and continues to change everyday life.

Continue to exercise and enjoy the outdoors
  • Try to maintain your regular workout schedule, even if the race or game you looked forward to has been cancelled. You will feel better both physically and mentally and your study performance will improve.
  • Tired of your usual walking and/or jogging round? Check out where you find new areas to explore when social distancing has become the new norm. If you live in Kalmar, click: here and here for inspiration.
  • The Gym is one of the places we should avoid at the moment. Here are some exercises where you use the outdoors as a gym! The website is in Swedish only, but since there are images and videos we believe the site is useful for everyone. Don’t forget to warm up first! Link
  • Search the web for public art. Among other things, the municipality of Kalmar has listed their artworks and many are outdoors. You can then have goals with your walks.
  • Yoga is good for both body and soul. Why not have a lunch session? There are several accounts with free yoga classes on Youtube. Here is one of them

Choose media wisely and don’t get too caught up
  • Decide a time of day when you read news from credible sources. Use the rest of your day for other things.
  • To avoid unnecessary rumour spreading, be sure to get your information from secure sources such as government agencies and reputable media, such as: The Public Health Agency, The goverment , The Local, Svenska Dagbladet and 1177. Avoid just scrolling through social media.
  • Don’t trust us? According to the World Health Organization there’s an “infodemic” going on, and misleading information about the corona virus is spreading fast. The WHO is cooperating with What’s App to ensure access to reliable sources of information: Link

Don’t stop socializing – do it digitally
  • IT makes it possible to socialize almost like usual, without being in same geographical area as one’s friends. Set up your phone or computer to have a dinner party with your friends, a ”fika” with a parent or to watch TV with your siblings. Why not call an old relative who’s is isolated?
  • You don’t need to skip tonight’s movie just because your friends are scattered around around campus or the world. Download Netflix Party to watch movies and TV-series together instead. It is possible to chat during the show, and if one of you need to leave for a while it can be paused for everyone. No one can continue to watch and spoil it for the rest of you!
  • Another tip is a digital game night through the app Houseparty. Gather up to 8 people in the same "room" and play popular games like trivia, pictionary, music quiz ang charades.
  • Just because you can't travel doesn't mean you can't experience! The Google Arts & Culture app lets you visit 500 museums virtually. For example, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Louvre in Paris. Bring a friend by visiting the same museum at the same time, then call the friend and talk about the impressions.
    Tillägget Netflix party och appen Houseparty
    The plug-in Netflix party and the app Houseparty
Need someone to talk to?
  • If you get stuck thinking negative thoughts there is help to get and people to turn to. Linnaeus University’s Student Welfare Office offers coaching and counselling. They are open for phone consultations and possibly physical visits as well. Read more at where they also suggest other types of health care. here
  • There are also many telephone lines when needed, for example to get advice and support on a specific issue. Do you experience domestic violence, have questions about alcohol habits or are worried about a relative. You can see all phone lines and chats. (Info in Swedish) here

Want to help out?
  • Red Cross There’s currently no organized way of helping students in quarantine on campuses in Kalmar and Växjö, but the Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help people in quarantine. If you understand a bit of Swedish.
  • God Hjälp (Good Help) helps older people and people in risk groups to shop groceries and pharmacy items.
  • There's also The Tenants' Association that has an initiative called "Good neighbors" to help elderly.

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